Spring time musings

9:08 pm

Off late, something’s gone wrong with me. And it does not have anything entirely do with my health either… which reminds me, is my lousy explanation for not blogging most of Feb & March.

On an otherwise beautiful and slightly cold February night, I went to an Emergency of an actual hospital. And what I saw most definitely did mot fascinate me. Proper “emergency” cases which made the doctor think I was more ill than I actually was…the environment had quite an effect on my nerves! A zillion road accident cases, a baby burnt, a pool of blood near the parking lot…yup, lets please not further that!

March came along with beautiful spring. Even though Delhi doesn’t get a proper spring, I love whatever does come…the flowers, oh! The flowers…

But something’s wrong with me. In the sense, there is this pressing feeling something is missing. Only I don’t know what. Maybe it is the fact that college is over and I’ll have to get used to another taste of another coffee machine in another part of the world… It’s a difficult thing you know, changing your coffee preference. Yes, it must be that!

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