11:13 am

Yes, these days, the vacations, are the time we all wait for for dearly. And now that they are here, I've got nothing to do! Everything, every darn thing, appears mundane...and well, boring.

And here it is, I'm 20 & I'm disappointed. No, no, don't worry, the last thing I'm about to do is list my failure stories and belittle myself. I'm not disappointed with myself, just. I'm disappointed with everything around me. I'm 20 and nothing has happened in my life, it seems. Nothing. Nothing changes, an when it does, it's for the worse. I have no clue what I'm gonna do 2 months from now, and that's scary. People I know come up to me and tell me they can't imagine me as a lawyer because "you're soooooo sweet, and your voice is so calm & all" and I could slap them then and pt an end to my ever so sweet aura.

I hope i find out soon enough what'll happen to me 2 months later. I hope it's a change for the good, just for once.

*fingers crossed*


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