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11:10 am

Almost 2 months now at the Law school. The initial feeling of despair is fading (thank God!) but it still feels I've left Delhi. My 3 years of English (Hons.) made it all the more difficult for me to adjust so quick (my teacher was talking about a divorce case yesterday where the wife sent the husband's friend something my teacher called "loving letters") but they are wise, have to be, for they've done their LLM, and I'm struggling through my 1st semester of LLB. Fun.

DUSU elections over, which has it's goods & bads. Goods being no more annoying SMS's, phone calls, posters, noise, road blocking etc etc. Bads being no interruption while in class. Oh Lord, I was amusing myself thinking my phone number is a private affair, but no, these people find those and sent SMS's at bulk!

All the travelling makes me grumpy. By the time I reach college, I'm sleepy. By the time I reach home, I'm super sleepy. I now know the metro announcements off by heart. I can repeat them with them in their ridiculous tone. Plus, my luck, since the last two days,the metro I've been getting on is delayed. Jinx? Maybe.

I want something to happen. Something exciting & positive. Like a revolution. My fortune cookie on Facebook said "Everything will now come your way." & since all the bad things were coming around anyways since the last 2 weeks, I'm hoping that something good will also now come along (*touchwood*). I should go now & read up some more on that Loving Letters case. Cya!

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