Revolution, anyone?

10:20 pm

Another day. Its becoming so mundane, even waiting for the mundane-ness to break. And yet, its not. Another day, and its exactly like the one gone by. I’ll just wait for something to happen. A miracle. A revolution, perhaps?
I do not know. But I am beginning to think a revolution would be a good thing. Suddenly all that drama & jazz makes sense. It was to break to mundane, to start something new, something fresh. And if you don’t think of it when you’re 20, well, it’s just too late, love.
Speaking of being 20, I just realized that I may just be the youngest person in my class, which is not altogether a very reassuring revelation. But, what they hey, I was talking about a revolution. Of what? I again have not the slightest clue.
Its got to be something marvelous, something fab. Something breathtakingly beautiful. That’s what a revolution should be like. Something passionate. Passion, I find, is something that (surprisingly) a lot of young people lack. But I think passion is a good thing, as long as it’s not anti-social.
My passion? I really can’t say. But I have reasons to contemplate literature. And what is law, but literature? After all, it is written. And made by humans. Its beautiful, its got its flaws, and people are dumb enough o think it’s a universal truth. Much fun.
I think I haven’t made much sense in this post, which is okay. That was sort of the point. I have a head-splitting headache anyways. I need coffee. Bye.

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