Chai, Noodles & the TV Show CID

6:01 pm

I know its an odd combination! I mean, really, you think that detail went past me? But the fact is that it is an awfully cold 7 pm in New Delhi & one of the few things a lazy person such as myself can do is sit inside a blanket, along with your dog by your side, drink hot chai, eat something even hotter and watch TV. And the only thing to watch on TV happened to be CID. And no, as I've told many people today already, I'm not in the mood to watch I, Robot again. Also, when I'm that mood, I don't mind CID so actually makes me laugh & takes my mind off things.

Even so, my mind is racing with essential questions. Like why these people never seem to get a promotion? After all, they have been solving every case successfully for what, 15 years? Anyways, enough of that. If I open that door, there will be flood. the good part: tea. Two things about this.. (a) I'm actually a coffee person & (b) after all that I can cook, I can't make a cup of tea. True story. And I'm unwell, sort of and I didn't want to drag me to the kitchen and prepare a brown muck that will reflect my mood. So I drink whatever it is that I brought to me. I also don't hate tea...I do enjoy adrak chai. And the fact that its hot, is bliss!

I didn't actually want to eat Maggi Noodles, but there really wasn't anything else to eat at home (apart from pancakes, which I'm bored of). Also, having had put on about 10 kgs, i should anyways food like noodles forever. But I didn't. In my defence, what I was really craving was Big Chill's Blueberry Cheesecake.

I should go now! Just saw a cooking show on TLC! :)

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