Shame, shame!

8:50 pm

I was sitting with my mom the other day, watching tv when she reverted to her annoying habit of changing the channels. She eventually settled on an Oriya channel. Here I should perhaps tell you that it is a language that I understand. So anyways, we came across a trailer which I honestly would've never mentioned had it not been for a scene of the movie (as shown in the trailer) that shocked me and seriously annoyed me.

The scene has the female lead (or who I presume is the female lead) in a short denim skirt, a top, with her hair pulled up. The male lead is standing next to her. The trailer begins medias res and the guy is telling the girl something which in English translates into, "Madam, when guys will see girls in such short clothes, if they won't whistle, what will they do, ring temple bells?" (In Hindi it translates into, "Madam, jab ladkiyaan itne chote-chote kapde pehenegi toh ladke un ko dekh kar seeti nai bajaenge toh kya mandir ki ghantiya bajaenge?")

I was horrified! I mean, this seemed to promote the idea that eve teasing (and even molestation, who knows?) justified if the victim is not "appropriately" dressed! In a vernacular language cinema...where the same character of the story is supposed to be a saviour of sorts.

I am not against the movie. I just want someone to notice this unacceptable dialogue and please ask the movie people to edit the scene out! 

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