I just couldn't wait till it was June, now, could I?

8:12 pm

Evidently not, considering I'm writing this. I'm still drowned up till my eyeballs in work (let's not even go there) & I should and will get back to that as soon as I'm done venting here. First of all, I've missed you, Blog. And I love you and I will never, ever leave you. Ever.

Now that we are past that momentary cheesiness...

Like I said, nothing much going on in life right now except the mound of Sisyphean tasks. Which, you know, on its own is a lot. But whatever. Other than that, I've begun watching another k-drama, Winter Sonata (review time in June, when I'm free from work and also done watching the show). Yeah, I know...took waaaay too long Winter Sonata, didn't I? In my defense, this is the only one from the Endless Love series I haven't seen (yes, I know, fine, who skips WS, but whatever!). And I know I was supposed to start watching Doctor Who and Game of Thrones but really, I'm waiting to get free. Okay, fine, I *had* to watch a k-drama, I couldn't resist but in my defense (again), I haven't been able to give as much time to it as I want to. Guilt starts seeping in sooner or later.

Apart from that, look what else I've got to give me company these days...
And you thought I was a coffee person, dintcha? I did too.

Anyways, that's pretty much all. See you when I see you. Happy, smiling faces ^^ ...

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