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8:38 pm

Hello everyone and sorry for not blogging that much these days (again). A lot of personal shit going on and and honestly my prayer these days is just to get through this day without losing every particle of my sanity. That truly is tough.

To keep my mind sane, I've been cooking a lot. And eating most of what I cook which means my wieght has increased to the point that I need to buy more clothes. I also went traveling back in August so that was nice. What else? Oh....lots of TV. Apart from my love for Korean dramas and American sitcoms and an Australian food show, I have finally found someone to watch on Indian TV! Yay! No, honestly, any middle class, urban 20-something-girl in India struggles to find something Made-In-India to watch on TV and not gag. I was so sick of all the reality shows... even Masterchef India was a big disappointment where more stress is laid on the frills and the nautanki than actual culinary skills (the only saving grace of that show is Chef Vikas Khanna). If only I could set up the challenged and scripting of Masterchef India.... *dreams impossible dreams*.

So, if anyone knows of an online community that discusses, deconstructs, moons over shows like Buddha or 24, let me know.

Also I played dandiya for the first time ever a few days ago. It is so difficult! Either that or I am excessively stupid at learning it (I have a feeling that it's the latter).
Anyways I gotta rush and watch more stuff (so many, many reviews to give!).

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