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3:43 pm

Hello, you. after almost five years of debate, I've finally changed my blog's url and name. It is now called "Soumya's Musings ^^" as opposed to "Anya's Musings ^^". And that's the only difference there is. I haven't been blogging that much because I've been busy, have two other blogs, have a job (kind of...and blogger is blocked in office) and basically because I am a chronic procrastinator.

About the other two blogs:

Because I wanted another space to write about all things book and book reviews, I have now started Soumya Reads. Like I said, I've been sort of busy or handicapped as far as blogging goes so haven't written as many reviews as I want to. But I am currently reading an Andre Brink book so that should follow.

Also, along with a good friend of mine, Hugzy, I have come up with the blog Show Binge. This was created because one day Hugzy and I were talking about old Hindi TV shows and how awesome or gruesome they were (depending on the show) and realised that there aren't as many platforms online to discuss them. So we came with our very own. You are all welcome to go through them and leave comments. We shall be covering Star Bestsellers very soon.

And yes, my real name is Soumya. But I think I shall keep my nickname Anya as my blogger name. Feel free to call me either (however, if you call me something like "baby doll", there might be a problem).

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