Dear 2014, please be good to me.

6:54 pm

Because so far it hasn't! And it's only the 10th day of this year!!

Anyways, I crib/cry about my life--job, relationship etc--all day long so excuse me as I try to look at the non-existent silver lining. Because I am told that's the thang right now. To be fair to me, I spent a large part of yesterday and the day before to find something to happy about as a part of the 100 happy day thing...and failed miserably! Not a single thing. Man, I am some Grinch, aren't I? However, there is this one good thing but that's sort of a carry-forward from 2013: I have found a loophole in my office's internet securities and can now blog (until of course the IT people figure out and disable it but I think I have a good one week before that happens).

What else is up? Nothing. A lot of melodrama. A lot of TV watching (Sherlock and a k-drama called My Love from Another Star) and trying to finish my reading list I acquired on my birthday. While I juggle my job. For I have one now.


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