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Its been 3 months since I’ve moved back to India and so far my body has been struggling to adjust to the switch. Traveling is one thing, you guys. Moving is another. I’m just so stunned till now that I don’t have to do EVERY SINGLE THING on my own, which can be both rewarding, and extremely frustrating (I like my coffee a certain way, thank you very much). Speaking of which, no Starbucks in Chandigarh.

Which brings me back to what I began writing about. Now, I’m a Delhi girl, having spent a really really long time there (high school, under grad, post grad, jobs and what nots) and all my friends live there. I’m in Chandigarh because my parents live here now and I am broke. I used to live here once, many many moons ago but I have basically no one to talk to here and have no idea where to go to eat or drink or shop for anything (except the ever-famous Elante 😢).

So imagine my surprise when I discovered this little hole-in-the-wall place in Sector 8 market, Chandigarh that served one of the best milkshakes I have ever had. Milkshake & Co is a little, charming takeaway place nestled in the Sector 8 market. There is not seating arrangement – you literally just order, pay, wait and take your drink and move out.

What I honestly loved about Milkshake & Co is that they don’t shy away from innovation. Last time I was there, they were introducing something called the Loaded Popcorn Milkshake (true story) that was served with actual popcorn on top. Their shakes come served in really quirky cups. Their lemonades and cold coffees come in customized tin cans which you can carry home.
Relish Godfather milkshake - coffee and chocolate!

I have so far tried the Godfather and Black Eye milkshakes. Both excellent. In lemonade, I recommend the blueberry lemonade of the elderflower lemonade. Trust me, I’m not the sort of person who drinks or enjoys lemonade but Milkshake & Co’s Elderflower lemonade was out of this world.

Black Eye milkshake - my fav with oreos AND chocolate

Elderflower lemonade 

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