Divine Music ??

9:32 pm

"HOW can you just stop LOVING music? HOW?!?" Zinni, my very very very adorable junior (I'm a super-senior this year *yay*) quite positively shouted in my right ear (I'm having difficulty listeng, thanx a lot Zinni!) this morning.
It was a fine morning today, or maybe, it was just me being mindlessly happy. And then people asked what they always ask...why and how did I stop singing--the one thing that I used to love like my life. And how I can now spend a straight one week without music when, once upon a time, I used to worship it.
"Music is...is..." Zinni struggled to find a term heavy enough to glorify moozic. "Food For The Soul!!" she said at last.
You will not believe (nah, actually, you just might) just how many of my friends & acquaitances have said that to me...wearing a look of utter disbelief!
My answer: "Well, seems like my soul's on a diet, doesn't it?"
People refuse to take the joke, stare at my face and look at me as if I'm Faust, or worse, Mephistophilos. Only last night, someone, quite adamantly asked me "U left ur life behind", life meaning music.
Tsk tsk.
People, love dies...or so Rhett Butler claims. Its not like I've left music and have made an oath that I'll clap my hands around my ears everything I hear even a cell phone ring. I've just stopped singing (Jiggy darling, this one's so for you. She is still shocked I didn't audition my college's WMS!!). And trust me, the way I sound off late, I'm doing a form of social service on you guys by not singing. I was humming "Socha Hai" from Rock On!! today and I scared myself...and then I realised, I was singing!!
I still like music? No. Are you nuts?!?
I ADORE MUSIC. LOVE IT LIKE MAD. Yes, still. Although not as passionately as I once upon a time did. But that's okay. Zinni and Jiggy have vowed to revive the over-brimming love. OMG!!

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