okay, this one's random...

9:07 pm

I want to a writer. My friends want me to a writer more than anything I can ever want to be. But I'm lazy as one can be....one of my innumerable vices,that. My "story" (if you can call it that) has been under-construction since..erm..erm..a long,long time. So people dvice me to keep a blog. Initially I was quite (read:lot) sceptical about the venture, having NEVER kept a blog before. However, soon I realised blogs can be very useful in their own right.
So here it is.
And I have no idea what-so-ever what I'm writing (ignorance is bliss, they say).
I'll try to keep this thing updated, but I cant promise...I'm lazy, na.
Look out for more.
Anyways, my mind's a void just now, I'm on the phone (what's new?) listening to my best friend's ranting about that thing called life, so I think I should go. Bye!!

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