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The title may suggest a cheesy, perhaps intimate confession of my personal life…something like an outburst from me declaring an undying love for some guy. If that was your aim--that of finding intimate details of my personal life--for reading this post (or my blog for that matter) you will find yourselves disappointed. In this post, I’m merely observing & analyzing the stereotypical wants & desires many of us have, or atleast, literature & movies (read: popular culture) says we have.

When I talk about the popular culture, I talk about the current popular culture. That of the “urban India”. And strictly not about anything from the Bronte sisters’ league.

Over an off-hand discussion over friends, I realized that a lot of assumptions are made about what a standard person wants and desires in the opposite sex. Which is funny, because, many at times, these assumptions work (Yeah, like why else do you think books & movies with absolutely no story sell?). Maybe these are internalization by the mass from the popular culture…a clever ploy set by those in the business of making money out of literally thin air. Or maybe its just, a plain, simple truth.

Once Hugzy was diligently reading a book review in the newspaper, while Squirrel & I chose to sip cold coffee. Hugzy, rather happily, told about a certain book where the dream guy (it was a chick-lit) played the guitar.
Why is every dream a guy a guitar strumming hillie-billie?” I scoffed.
Hugzy pondered over it and said, “Its supposed to be cool. Guitar strumming hille-billie & a soccer player.”
“No, but what does happen if there is a cute guy in real life who happens to play the drums & cricket?” I wanted to know. “Do they not have a right to be loved because no girl wants to have them read in a book or seen in a movie?”
Squirrel laughed at my heightened emotions. Hugzy & I joined in.

But I’m serious. I have absolutely nothing against any guitar strumming hillie-billie. They are very nice people with their hearts in the right places. And the guitar happens to be a very nice instrument. Nor do I hold any grudge against soccer or have any favorable bias towards cricket (indeed, I don’t even understand cricket). But seriously! Everyone cannot just happen to a) find a cute guy (read: chocolate boy) who is always there for you, with these amazing eyes (always!!) and this funny way of pulling your leg & b) find that same guy to be a not just a guitarist, but a good guitarist!

And for the guys. Ah. The Bimbo. Always the Bimbo. Very pretty. Very sexy. Very popular. Always surrounded by friends. Very lonely. Very nice deep down inside. However, despite all these virtues, she is mad enough to fall for the loser of a protagonist who isn’t good-looking, has no charming personality, does not indulge in any co-curricular activities & off-late, isn’t even good at studies.
Only, the catch is, in real life, Bimbos aren’t that stupid nor do even the most pretty girls just happen to find a guitar strumming hillie-billie who is cute.


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