A friend in need...

8:26 pm

A friend in need (epically always) is a stupid person.

Okay, yes I know I've altered the popular phrase a bit, but in my defence, its true! Off late, I am keeping extremely annoyed. The entire cosmos suddenly wants me to help them out.... if they are angry, sad, hurt, dumped, bored... The worst part? Not one of those people care a straw for my feelings. Seriously, that's how ungrateful life is.

I have noticed that off late, all people do is take others for granted. They just presume certain people are going to be with them, no matter what. While this insane burst of confidence is not altogether a bad thing, its annoying when they don't even think about acknowledging what the other person feels. Ever. Talk about being mean.

When I tell people I'm now studying law, the nicest thing, it seems, that they have to say to me is "Cool, so I'll get (free) legal advice?". I mean, hello, if I'm going to spend 3 years of my graduated life studying Latin maxims and such like, I'd much rather be rich.

My temper is getting better of me. Plus, I'm really tired. I'll post something hopefully not this vindictive very soon!

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