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9:37 pm

Since I've decided to spend the next three years of my graduated (college) life in studying Law-- a topic that I've always been in love with-- I decided to mingle it with another love of mine: Literature. It feels like a page from Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love sometimes; she following the three Is, and I, following the two Ls. Bad joke & a horrible parallel, but there you go.

I just gave a bulk order to an e-book-store in Bombay (fine, call it Mumbai if you like, my lips still roll out the word Bombay effortlessly & I shall stick to that). Why Bombay? No, the bookstores of New Delhi are still running fine, don't worry, and I'm still a huge fan of theirs (especially all Tekesons chain & Oxford Bookstore...I love Cha Bar!) but I had this urge (?) to buy books from all over the nation. Crazy, you say? Well, so be it. Whatever made you think I was sane in the first place? Also, I remember the only book I had from Bombay for the longest time. It was Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth, a book I love, adore & cherish. It's almost hard to find, but I found it there, in the Taj Hotel's bookstore, it was lying in Bombay waiting for me to come down from Delhi to pick it up.

But I'm diverting from the point. I bought a good many books, my only indulgence. And among various treasures, I bought a Law-Literature! Perfect. I bought a copy of John Grisham's The Rainmaker. I haven't started reading it yet (oh, I have long line of novels waiting to be read... Rebecca I'm currently reading, then Wilderness Tips and then maybe The Rainmaker will have its go). Still, I cannot describe in words how I felt to have it in my bookshelf, to know its mine. My two loves together, united. The cover itself makes me happy: red, a hammer sort of thing judges used (is there a term for them?) and its about the law. That is enough to make me happy.

Its funny that the only book by Grisham I have read is not about law at all. And others have read it, without loving it, without even understanding it.

As for me, I'm happy (*touchwood*) to be lucky enough to study the two favorite topics of mine, each for three whole years.

I think I should end this here, for I have a case to read on Law of Contracts, all of which seem to spin around either houses or horses.

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