The Detached (or is it?) Observer

9:02 pm

Winter time in New Delhi. And it gets dark by 6 pm. Which is okay by me; I like the dark. Night-time, according to me, is the most beautiful time of the entire day. The lights all go on, darkness settles... you look like whatever, half hidden, half out there. But that's just me.

Exams around the corner (let's not go there) & I was feeling a little low-note today. My car was stuck in the traffic jam, and I was all alone at Rajiv Chowk Station in CP. And it was night-time. I was sitting on one of steps on the entrance/exit of the metro station, eating strawberry mousse (from Wenger's!!), listening to music (Red Hot Chili Peppers), observing the world. In the same moment we feel so many things, and million others with us.

Sorry, I also get philosophical around exams. And existential too.

But I saw the beauty of life. In that place, sitting there, eating the food I love so, listening to Snow. I saw people for I was the detached observer. Every moment, every passer by, I took a sneak peak into their lives. That moment, their stories were mine.

Couples holding hands (one particular couple could not keep their hands off each other), children trotting off after their parents. Girls hugging their friends goodbye, two guys walking upto me for directions after ten whole minutes of failed attempts of finding Q'BA.

Every life has a story. And everyday, for each moment, these stories are connected to yours. And then, we move on. We move on from theirs, we move on from ours. But we don't really. We come back. Our problems, our sorrows, our happiness, is ours, no matter how much we move on. Loving someone till death is a good feeling. That love being reciprocated, that feeling is even great. The feeling of freedom is bliss.

Freedom & pride, the two things I cherish most in life. And, ofcourse, love.

There are so many feelings, all so precious. And all it takes is twenty minutes of sitting on the stair of a metro station, a strawberry mousse & Red Hot Chili Peppers to feel it with all its intensity.

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