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So today, I write on anything. Nothing fancy, just you know, everyday stuff. I hope it'll help me get over my writer's block. Yes, that is why I haven't been blogging frequently, and when I am, its all trash. Writer's block is one of the most terrible feelings, it makes you feel like you're dying to say a hundred different things (at the very least) and you're incapable of saying it. Like a hand is over your mouth and stopping you from saying it.

Anyways, so law school isn't exactly a fairy tale. It's killing me, in more ways than you can imagine, trust me. Honestly, all those movies and novels, they over-hype the glory of law school. Ah, anyways, Criminal Law is more fun this semester. Also, I like International Law; such a pity though that I don't quite like those classes as much.

I've been reading a lot of Agatha Christie's off late. All Hercule Poirot. I like him way better than Jane Marple. About to read Curtain very soon, can hardly wait! :)

Also, I've been rather philosophical offlate (hibernation has a whole new level!). Life is like a flight of sorts. You are thrown from a cliff (a very dangerous one, at that) and either you take off gracefully and fly or you, well, fall down and crack your skull. A very dear friend of mine met with a ghastly accident offlate. I went to visit her; I wanted to cry when I did. I've never before seen anyone who has survived a serious major accident. I didn't know it'd be that bad. But she survived and I'm grateful to God for that. There really are so many things that can go worse in so many ways. She used to crib about pimples at one time, and now her face is in stitches. Life has its own (rather cruel) ways of teaching you to be grateful. I saw 3 Idiots after that and I almost laughed to see Sharman Joshi's character only in some casts even after a suicidal jump from the 3rd floor of a building. That's how I thought it was, all my life. I laughed because then it struck me that that's not how it happens in life. When you survive a near death experience of that sort, you don't just end up in ICU or comma where funny comments can wake you up, you don't end up with a few plasters. You end up with a body you wont recognize, that you'll need a physiotherapist to help you understand. You'll forget the names to little objects. Your face will change.

It is a sad revelation when you're the first or the second person in question. But also, an eye opening one.

I end this post with a prayer to God to make my friend ok.

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