Living In A Book..

9:01 pm

We've all heard of life being compared to a great story written by God and that that ends happily and has all the drama one could imagine. And in some cases, can't imagine aswell. God maybe an author and many more, but it is the humans' whose works are available in bookstores & libraries.

I've always thought of Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice as, well, perfect! I mean, come on, the man tells Eliza "I ardently admire and love you", saves her family from disgrace even if it means giving money to his arch enemy... and more importantly, he is a gentleman. But ofcourse, this perfect a man could only be fiction and I thank Jane Austen for creating him. Always, always, I've wished that I could live in Pride & Prejudice as Elizabeth Bennet.

Offlate though, I've got this fear, an irrational fear, that maybe I'm in a wrong book. I even dreamt this horrid dream that I'm in Jane Eyre... and worse, Wide Sargasso Sea! I don't know, I just don't like Mr. Rochester. Come what may, he's married and even if Bertha Mason (aka Antoinette Cosway in another book) was mad, he still did lock her up in an attic and was about to get married to another woman in front of her! Even though Rebecca is similar to Jane Eyre in more than one ways, I'd prefer to be in Rebecca. I don't even mind being in Gone With The Wind so much!!

I really want to be in The Princess Bride. True Love seems a divine thing and I would love to hear someone say to me "As you wish" the way Westley says it to Buttercup. This is one of the sweetest books ever written. A book I do not want to be in: Tokyo Cancelled. Weird book. I didn't understand half the stories. Did Rana Dasgupta intend it to be this way, really? I think not. And I mean it, he's a good writer, come what may, but I wouldn't want to be in that book.

I wish I could choose a story for my life like this. I wish I could say "I'll live in Pride & Prejudice or The Princess Bride" and that it would happen.

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