Denial and Acceptance

10:42 pm

The more I have lived life, the more I wish life came with a guarantee card. I wish there was an option where I could just go upto God and say "Hey, this doesn't work for me. In fact, this pretty much sucks. So change it." But God seems to have a very peculiar sense of humor. You say something, you wish something out of frustration like "I wish I was fat" or "I wish something bad would happen to that person" and He miraculously listens BUT when you're praying hard to him from every particle of you and actually mean every word you say, most time it meets deaf ears. I don't know why. I have been asking God over and over again why He won't listen to me, but then ofcourse, He is busy not listening to me.

And life itself has very strange was of showing you things. You think there are some people out there who really know you and understand you and then you find out that they probably have the utmost astonishing picture of you in their heads and that is shocking. See the most important thing in life, believe me, is self respect. Trust me, without that, there is nothing and you are nothing.

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