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So about five minutes back, my mother decided to sit me down and "talk" to me. She just decided to bombard me with the idea of me studying a wee bit harder and doing an MBA "like everyone else". Which I do not want to do. See, the thing is, that I do not have any problem with MBA as a course, and I totally respect the people who want to do it truly because they get the subject. I, however, have no patience when it comes to even entertaining the thought of doing it because its the in thing to do. Over the past few years my parents have tried recklessly to convince me into giving the Civil Services exams. I don't think that they understand that I really honestly don't want to give it. Because I just don't. There is just no reason for it. The same way they would never want to become opera singers. And now, MBA. I'm glad I'm not eligible to give engineering entrances.

One day, just because they were pressing on for an answer, I said that maybe I'll become an editor or something. Touchwood. Its really not so easy to just get up one morning and become an editor. You need to have an MA in English and be really patient and dedicated and trust me, as easy as it may sound, it isn't. The people who think editing is a cake-walk are generally the people whose works need editing the most. So, anyways, that didn't please either of them. My mother came up with the most fantastical argument against it. She said that its a very "uncertain" job as opposed to MBA or engineering or something. And then she said that this isn't a good idea because she cannot even understand what exactly is it that editors do. However, when I suddenly asked her what exactly is it that management people or engineers do, she couldn't answer that either. She said "Something nice only, otherwise why would everyone do it?".

I understand that this daily drama arises out of love & concern for me by my parents. But it also saddens me to think that at the end of the day, we are all expected to adopt a herd mentality. It is of no importance whether one truly, honestly wants to do a particular thing as long as it pays high and everyone else it doing it.

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