The Dancing Tree

11:01 pm

I think it was last thursday that I had gone to IHC to meet a couple of friends. I remember being in a slightly ticked off mood, for no reason that I could think of. It was just playing in the background inside my head and gave me this annoying headache. You see, headaches of such nature cannot be eased, no matter what you do. They stay on like some brooding companion and you just have to humour it while it kills your every shred of happiness for the moment. And you know how they use pathetic fallacy? Well, that day, it was mine. A harsh Delhi summer.

And then, it changed. Just like that. It went kind of dark and everything, everyone was submerged into this beautiful hue of grey. As if it was hugging everyone in a tight embrace, telling us all to just be. Just. Be. It was so personal, so passionate. As I was going home, I saw this beautiful tree, filled with a million white dots of flowers, dancing onto the wind that was the tune.

Watching that tree dance, swishing its waist so, I felt happy-sad. Happy because it looked So passionate. So alive! The white flowers, those million dots against the green backdrop, rising and falling so violently. I could even see the leaves get tickled as the wind caressed them. But then, I found it ever so slightly sad aswell. Because it had to just stand there at that on particular place and not run about freely.

I guess it's silly and perhaps even slightly deranged to associate yourself with a tree on a windy, rainy day. But there you go, you just feel connected to the most random things at time.

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