Because I am bored.

10:41 am

I think one of the reasons I like Sherlock as much as I do (read my previous post for that bit of adoration) is because I like how Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock Holmes. He is often bored & when he is, roams about in his night clothes, sometimes even just a sheet, sulks, becomes a shade rude, orders his clients "Please don't be boring" & shoots his drawing room walls. And I relate to that. Admittedly, I have no clients and I do not shoot my walls...I don't even have a revolver. But I see how boredom would make one sulk around the house and become jumpy. Very, very jumpy.

Not that i don't have a lot to do. That's the point. I do. Too much of it. But it's not fun, you know? And the thing is, I don't know anymore what my idea of fun is. Since everything I do is anyways related to literature, I can't bring myself to read novels anymore....not for a little while at least (I'm sure once the exams are done with, I'll attacking my pending reading list).

Since yesterday, I've blogged. This is the 2nd post in two days. Which, considering my latest records, is unusual. I've read some graphic novels that I ordered on Flipkart (more on that later), I again watched Season 7 of Friends, I jumped on my bed, I even studied. And it's not catching my fancy.

If you have any suggestions, at all, about what to do, please let me know. And echoing Mr. Holmes, Don"t Be Boring.

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