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I’ve been told that I don’t really ever talk about festivals etc, almost leading one to believe that I don’t like them or something. I assure everyone that that isn’t true. I like festivals as much as the next person, I just don’t rush back to facebook the second everyone’s gone home (or even earlier) and post pictures of myself or my house in the various moods and swing. However, I have come to doubt that in all the years that I’ve kept this blog, I have actually posted about any festival or celebrations of any kind. So I shall start from now on. And since it was Diwali yesterday, I’ll just talk about that.
I don’t “celebrate” Diwali in the typical sense which basically means that I don’t (a) burst crackers and (b) get drunk. I do, however, spend my time texting and emailing people wishing them etc and get dressed up, light lamps all around the house and sit for the puja. It’s true, that really is about it. See, I don’t even “dress up”, I just have to not be in my pyjamas because Diwali generally means a lot f guests coming to your place days in advance. And Diwali is that kind of a time of the year anyways…even if you’re the kind who doesn’t like celebrating or being festive in general, you can’t help but smile anyhow… I know I sound cheesy, but there really is something in the air. Everyone’s so happy, you know? And giving. People generally aren’t like that so easily anymore (or at any rate, I’ve found most people to be often high strung).
Like I said, I don’t burst crackers. Not even a tiny phooljhari. Nothing. I’ve been cracker-free for almost 15-16 years now (can’t remember the exact year). I do this because I really am not the biggest fan of pollution or child labour and because I’ve a dog and I’d really not like to contribute into scaring the dogs (pets and stray alike) on Diwali night. It’s not noble or anything, I just don’t do it because I don’t like the idea of it.
So what do I do then? Well, just what I wrote above. Diwali evenings go like this—lamp lighting, puja and then food. I’m somehow given the task to oil and light the lamps and candle that are placed all over the house, and even outside the house. I personally don’t prefer so many of them but hey, if I am to go against everything in the festival of lights, people start to crib. Then, we sit for the puja. While my mother was prepping for the puja, I was clicking pictures of the preps. There they are---

And then, finally, I sit back in front of the tv and eat. What is Diwali if people don’t stuff themselves silly? So there I was, eating my more than fair share of chocolates and what nots. That’s all that happened. I once made rangoli and it was so bad, that attempt that I’ve never bothered to do it again.
I hope everyone had a great Diwali and

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