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Just like me to write a post named "October" in November. But because people have been curious and wondering what all I was busy doing in October, here goes---

I wish I could say that I was doing something "valuable", searching for the meaning of life, engaging in "meaningful" conversations, achieving brilliant things, but I wasn't. I was lazing around most of the time and when I wasn't doing that, I was either re-doing some things I've been wanting since a long time or was tending to the long list of to-watch (tv shows/films etc). So here is a truthful account of my October'12:

After a very long time, I didn't even bother reading a new book. Instead, I re-read all the 7 Harry Potter books. Nerdy, I know, but I loved it. I was all sad that I'm not in Hogwarts (still, yes) but Pottermore took care of that. It shouldn't even be a shock to anyone that I'm on Pottermore. Until last night, I was all happy and giddy with delight (hyperbole) that I'm doing so well in Chambers of Secrets. Turns out, not so much. Oh. My God. That website should display cautions like "better be bloody brilliant in Potions or you won't get ahead". So I'm happily on Chapter 12, until I get rejected by the Slytherin Common Room. Apparently I need to brew the Polyjuice Potion. All that is fine... Wait no, that's a lie. It isn't fine. Harry never brewed the damn thing, Hermione did! Why am I supposed to brew this?!? I want Hermione! But that's not even the best part... I apparently didn't even have all the ingredients for a Polyjuice Potion. And here began a really round-about, twisted tour of Pottermore. Among the few things I needed was Boomslang Skin and Bicorn Horn (the non-Harry Potter readers, go it in a corner till I'm done venting!!) which I could get if I brewed a Swelling Potion. Sounds easy? No? Well, it really isn't.

First of all, I didn't have one of the ingredients to make the Swelling Potion. Not a problem, I thought, I'll just go down to the Apothecary and buy some of that. And I went and I was unable to buy the stupid ingredient! After panicking a good 10 minutes, I find out that it's because I haven't purchased all the books that were on my school list this year. By this time, I was pissed with myself.... What had I bought?!?

Anyways, so after that was done, all the stuff purchased, I set about brewing my potion. First attempt, failed. I would've tried again but by then I had run out of Dried Nettles. So I had to go all the way back to this book's first chapter and collect some (you can't just by this from Diagon Alley)... and then followed some of the most trying 15 minutes of a person's life. That stupid potion would just not brew!! Each time, the temperature was "not right". By that then, I was all melodramatic and all like: Whyyyyyy?!?!?!? How could JK Rowling do this to me?!? How could Hogwarts do this to me?

When that phase went, I told myself that Snape is known to be a foul task-setter and I am in Gryffindor anyways, so ofcourse I suck at it. And then---Wait a minute... I am in Gryffindor and I suck at Potions. I'm clearly Nevile Longbottom!

I am just clarifying now that I am now aware that I am NOT Neville Longbottom. I have google, Neville didn't. After getting instructions from a very kind person who posted the exact procedure on youtube, my 1st half of Swelling Potion brewing was all done. The rest is easy; I just had to wait, like, 45 minutes, then add some more stuff, stir the cauldron and wave my wand (yay).

Except I was stupid enough to stir the cauldron five times instead of four. And then I had to start the whole thing again! The second time, I "didn't stir it properly". By that time, I was close to losing my reason. So I took time off, and went far, far away from Hogwarts (aka Muggle World) and read History. Of Muggles.

Of the other things that I had to struggle with yesterday was the end of this K-drama (K=Korean) that I was addicted to! They aired the finale episode in South Korea on the 30th October, which means I had already, seen, fallen in love with, cried over by yesterday. I am all a fan of how it ended (closure is important) but the realisation that the show is over and there is no more of it to look forward to had me in tears.... I was soon hyperventilating saying things like "life has no meaning anymore" (hyperbole, again.... ^^).

Which reminds me, a few people said they would like me to blog reviews/suggestions on K-dramas. So I am thinking of writing about the K-dramas that I've watched and enjoyed... So many of those! More on that in hopefully the next post.

What else did I do? Oh yeah, I cooked. I made ravioli, among other things, and it ended up like this:

The rest of October was taken up in writing. And studying. Lots of it. I regret to say that I haven't even (bothered to) retain anything I've "studied". Looks like I was just glancing through then. Work calls (actually no, I just feel like taking a nap) so I'll leave it here and come back next time with my love for a K-drama.

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