Yay for the rain!

9:11 pm

Not everybody is a fan of winter showers. I'm not all that gaga about them myself either but I also don't mind them. Rain, at any point of time, has the effect of lifting my spirits (even if people are determined to do otherwise). It's been raining like crazy here since yesterday morning and while it's no longer the peak winters over here, there has been a considerable drop in the temperature (when you compare it to earlier this week when we had already begun shedding our layers and sweating like pigs).

I don't mind any of it. Yesterday morning I was happy enough to go out even if it was raining. I don't understand people who want to stay put in their houses all alone in such glorious weather! Last night was a fine night. It rained all night, and it was pouring so hard that we could hear the rain even while we were inside the warmth of our rooms. I am sure it scared some people, irritated others and some might not like the "gloom" (honestly though, it's not like we live in London!), I thought it was a fine night. I was up, reading a what I call a "warm book" (I've read that book before and I know for a fact that that book is a warm one), listening to the thunder. And there was something oddly soothing about that. I prayed for more such nights.

It has been raining all day today and I was out, and I think I pretty much froze. But I loved every bit of it. In fact I was just telling someone that if this beautiful weather were a person, I'd marry it. End of discussion. Stay happy, stay warm.

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