9:01 pm

I wasn't able to blog for a while because my blogger had some (minor) issues that I was too lazy to fix. I wish I could say that I've been busy but that will be a big, fat lie. I should have been busy but I am not. I should have been studying but again, have not. I have, however, made a list of things to read and watch once I am finally done with my exams (in June this year, that is) and the list goes thus:


  1. The Help
  2. Philida
  3. Blow Up & other stories
  4. Reading Lolita in Tehran
  5. The Thorn Birds
Stuff I wanna watch basically comprises of (as of now) Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.

I shall be back soon with more of my nonsensical musings and all that now that my blog is fixed. Till then, ciao!

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