No tilte

8:27 pm

No title because I can't think of any. First of all, apologies to any who bother to read my blog to know more about any K-dramas...I had said I'd review 4 last month and only got around to doing so with just 3. I have my reasons: I was (and still am) watching two K-dramas these days at not-lightening-speed and was also watching (and finished) watching the very very awesome Game of Thrones. Also, I've been catching up on a lot of reading. And films. Oh, films. I swear this June was the first time I entered a movie theater after almost a year & I succeeded in embarrassing my friend by acting like a country bumpkin. Ah, well.

In other news, it is annoyingly humid in Delhi. Don't get me wrong...I like rains. It's the non-raining, humid, making your hair frizzy beyond belief and dehydrating you till you drop climate that I abhor. When will this end?!?

Apart from the struggle with the weather, there is nothing going on really. Unless you count my endless love with food. I have been eating SO much, as is obvious with my present cover picture on my blog. That's pretty much all. Hopefully I'll return to my blog soon. ^^

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