So that's that.

8:49 pm

I'm going through a phase right now. Or what I hope is a phase. Anyways, point being, that there isn't one. Except...

Oh, I don't know. First of all, I am itching to watch a drama (Korean or otherwise) that isn't a rom-com or even a tragic love story. To the point where I've even succumbed to now watching a K-drama of the horror genre. Seriously. And I don't even watch horror that much. But I suppose people (and their tastes) do change. Really though, I finally watched Aashiqui 2 and oh my sweet lord! I'm not saying it's a bad film or anything, it's just really depressing. The guy drinks like a fish and the girl sings and cries. And they both sing. And they both cry. And it rains.

I cannot tolerate rain suddenly these days. In fact, I shut myself up everytime it rains now just so I could create a facade that it isn't really raining. And I know that my current cover picture on this blog is that of Delhi during the rains (in fact, during this very monsoon), but I'm going to be changing that pretty soon too.

But back to the K-drama that I'm watching. It is called Who Are You? and has presently only aired two episodes in South Korea as well. So far it is pretty much the Korean version of The Sixth Sense. What I like so far about the show is no ga-ga romance and the fact that the show does not necessarily deal with (and thus, sweetly finishes off) with one case per episode.

Apart from that, I am wondering if I should dabble with the angle of restaurant review on my blog. Not because I am claiming to be anywhere near a food critic. Not because just coz I like a place means you would too. But simply because I've been to a fair amount of restaurants in Delhi-NCR and because its fun. What say?

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