Diarist Mode still on.

1:00 pm

Trust me, the many cups of black coffee are helping me sit down and write. And ignore my packing. My flight is tonight & I'm still like Hmm, what sunglasses should I carry? Such point my life has come down to. Sigh. I blame it all the heat. If there is one thing I hate about Delhi, it's got to be its weather. But never mind that.

Since I've been staying at home, I've finally been able to get on with my reading list. In the beginning of 2014, I had set a target of reading at least 80 books (not counting the ones I've to read for work) and I had thought at the time that it was a tiny target keeping in mind how much I usually read. But as we know, nothing in life is constant. Shit happens and I was in my PJs-&-fried-food-eating mode for, oh, months! And the next thing I knew, I was already six months into 2014 without having read as much as I'd hoped. So recently I've sat down and read the following:
Not bad for a week, eh?

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