Plan B

8:15 pm

I had started this blog a long, long time ago because a friend of mine had attended a lecture on how to be a successful writer where she learnt that maintaining a blog helps (this is back in 2007 when blogs were comparatively both less and cool). And here I was. Over the time it grew into much more than that. But now I've come to realise something: nothing, I mean nothing--not even a magical blog--can help you write unless you don't actually sit down and write. I am sure many of you have noticed that I had pretty much abandoned my blogs for all the usual reasons (adult life, job, personal shit etc.), leaving this space with a severe case of the empty nest syndrome.

However, I am happy to report that now I am back. I have no idea what to write, in fact the lack of ideas of post topics was one the reasons I fled in the first place, but write I shall. So here comes my declaration: I shall become a diarist!

What? Seriously! As boring or insanely interesting as life sometimes gets, it exists and since I have absolutely nothing to write about & because I am tired of this persistant writer's block, I shall simply have to documents stuff.

I shall begin my new plan by telling the world that I have finally quit my old job (more on that sometime else) & am going on a short trip to Dubai, like, tomorrow. Who knows, maybe when I return, I write a post about the trip. See? Diarist mode kicking in!

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