Coffee Conspiracy

10:01 pm

Yes, so I admit that I am one of those people you’d generally label as a coffee addict. The thing is, I need to have coffee (well, let’s say everyday and leave it to you to decide how many times) to well, be me. There are days when I decide that I’ve had just about enough & it’s time I cut down my coffee intake…and those are the days I drink too much Coke, which have caffeine. So much for the sacrifice.

These past five days, I did something spectacular. So spectacular that I surprised, nay, shocked myself. The only problem is, that the shocking bit was accompanied by a strange withdrawal symptom. As it happens, I somehow managed to avoid coffee for five straight days.

Note to self: Never do that again.

It was a sure shot way of torturing myself. Yesterday, I woke up and I thought I was dead. One of those days when you wake up and you’re tired. And you feel ugly. And just dead. Today I woke up, feeling dead since a century. Maybe that’s how Edward Cullen feels every morning? I don’t know. Yes, so I wake up today at 4:30 am (I got a ridiculous SMS from someday who had woken up to get a drink of water & then blissfully fell asleep) and I realized I was up before the birds. The entire day, I had a headache and irritation. I slept and that didn’t help one bit.

And then it hit me. Hit me with the strength of an iron load. The coffee conspiracy! For five straight days now, I had been kept away from my elixir of life! I rushed to the nearest café and drank the wonderful liquid. Instantly, I was given a new life. I was overwhelmed by the wonders of our word. It brought forth tears in my eyes. It did.

And it was good.

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