On a strike against all the rain Gods across all mythologies. Take that.

12:53 pm

I don't know how I managed all that, but I did. In a span of 12 hours, I managed to somehow sprain both my ankles, get a blister on my right foot and bang that foot while walking in the dark the same night. Yes, I am multi-talented, just not quite in the manner I would've preferred.

So this is what happened yesterday, 26th of June, 2009. Delhi's temperature is shooting up at the speed of light, and giving all it's occupants a massive collective heart attack. I hared that everyday it shoots as high as 45 degrees Celsius and even higher. Yesterday, I and two of my friends decided that that was the day when we would go up to North Campus and submit our MA (English) forms. So there we went heroically in that blistering sun. I am telling you, the best part of the entire day was coming back home, followed by the late lunch, followed by the metro station (it is air conditioned, I won't crib).

The noon sun mercilessly burnt our skin and the campus of Faculty of Arts was oddly without a lot of shade. Hugzy had to make a bank draft and the only person kind enough to tell us where the nearest bank was...near Gate No. 3. The only problem, we couldn't find Gate No. 3. It felt like it didn't exist, but it did, as we figured out after stepping out of Faculty of Arts, crossing the main road, passing through buildings entitled "Department of Physics", "Dept. of Chemistry", "School of Botany" and so on. The School of Botany was a building whose architecture reminded me of ancient Greek temples, and was surrounded by, well, plants. Such a pity that Botany students or teachers didn't think it a good enough investment to plant shady trees on the road where people walk. Yes, so we found the gate and the "nearest bank" was only down the road.

By the time we walked back to submit our forms, the woman decided to go on a lunch break and told us to come after an hour. I don't blame her for wanting a lunch break, her work seemed monotonously dull and it was admirable how he didn't snap all that time. It was 1 pm at that time and we were to come back at 2. We couldn't go out to eat since we wanted to be in the line at 2 so that we won't have to come back some other day. In the end, it was around 3:30 pm that we had something to eat. More waking, more pain. I sprained my ankle, decided to put pressure n my only good foot, sprained the other ankle too. More walking resulted in a blister. To top it all, didn't get a seat in the metro. Never have I been delighted to reach home before.

I'm angry at the rain Gods for not making it rain. For ditching us and leaving us burning in that obnoxious heat. For making a simple day of life seem like a struggle to win a war against death. The rainmakers, sleeping on the job!

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