Life's little ironys

10:24 pm

How can something that hates you, wants you to suffer and cringe badly, and you hate back, give you something so lovely and meaningful to you? Something that you love, is unconditionally yours, something that is your entire life, your entire eternity?

And then threaten to take it away? Only, thank God, it won;t go away at it's beck and call, because its truly, unconditionally yours.

I always say that the beauty of a language is that it is limited in terms that it is inadequate to actually describe exactly each and every feeling. So it is with people. A perfection is a person lies in his/her unique personal imperfections.

I found one of those aswell. Perfect in their imperfections. Happy as a rain can make me, frigid as the north pole at times. But it's mine. And I swear to God, I'll do everything in my power to keep it so. Touchwood.

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