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1:27 pm

I've been off off my blog for a little while now (except for proclaiming my wisdom through the comments' page). And by 'a little while' I mean the whole of September. Some of the people I know thought I was busy doing some great stuff, which I wasn't. I am one of the laziest persons I know and I have spent the whole of last month doing nothing particular. But to cease the curiosity of those who wondered (and some of them did wonder) of why I was off my own blog, here goes my past month in (an extremely) random order:

I was furthering my self-imposed goal to read all the books written by Agatha Christie. For those who are not aware of my this particular ambition, fret not, I had mentioned this in another blog of mine (which I have deleted now) and it was exactly how I said it--- one day, while staring at the shelves of the British Council Library, I thought to myself "I must read all the books by Agatha Christie". It's a longer task than you'd expect and as I come nearer to achieving this goal, I also feel a little sadder thinking that soon there won't be a lot of Agatha Christies left for me to read for the very first time. I am sentimental that ways. So, last month I just picked up one book and it's called The Three Little Pigs. I already knew who the real killer was because I had already read the graphic novel version of the novel but the novel didn't lose it's charm anyways because, well, (a) it is so well written and (b) I love Hercule Poirot's quirks. 

Apart from that, I have been reading an account of the history of India by Romila Thapar. I am not one of those people who find History boring but I'm not a History student either. Among all the things that my father has suggested me to read over the years, this is one of them. Initially reluctant, I started off with it and even though I haven't yet finished reading even the first volume, I find myself enjoying it quite a lot. The language is very readable and Romila Thapar has turned plain historical facts into a beautiful narrative. 

Also, I've been cooking quite a bit. True story. And I don't just mean the instant Maggi Noodles either (say what you want, but I still love Maggi). Even though I've been dabbling a bit with cakes and pastas, I think I really am doing pretty well in cooking what is essentially Indian-Chinese food (the kind that I doubt is even available in China, but then again, I ain't sure). Of course, that has it's own disadvantages: now my family refuses to go out for Chinese food and every time they want to eat anything, they just order me around. Not that I completely mind. Cooking soothes me. I know I sound like a wannabe Masterchef contest (which reminds me, I've been watching Masterchef Australia 2012 and I love it to bits) but it's true. It does soothe me and when I cook, it's just me and the food and every worry sort of goes into a vague background. 

Anyways, since we are on the topic of food. I went to the market and bought a lot of veggies and also some spices (think: "exotic") to add a little extra to my attempts of the Indian Chinese food that I cook (must try imitating manchurians--chicken & veg--next time). And whilst I was there, I bought my very first pair of chopsticks! 

Call me crazy, but I really am happy about my very own pair of chopsticks (I bought an entire packet of the disposable kind). But now, here is the thing: I have no idea about how to use chopsticks. None at all. My friend Hugzy has promised me to teach me the fine art of not making a fool of oneself while using chopsticks so I'll let you know how that turns out.

What else? Ah, yes. I've been catching up on my long list of K-dramas & K-films to watch. And re-watching my old favs (yes, I again watched The Classic, A Moment To Remember and My Little Bride and shed many tears of joy and pain). Over the next few days (or who knows, weeks, months?) to come, I shall be dumping my personal reviews on some of them. 

Must get going now. Buhbye.

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