To. Day.

1:03 am

It's been an odd mix of a week. I am not even sure if it was a good week or a bad one or even just okay.

Last night, I slept horribly. No exaggerations. I had repetitive nightmares, out of which I remember three, an astounding number, and as far as I know, I couldn't wake up from any of them (so much for the satisfaction of waking up in cold sweats and calming myself down). Finally when I did sleep, I woke up shivering. Delhi weather is already turning slightly chilly in the early parts of the mornings, nothing serious but enough to trouble you if you, like me, were sleeping without a light blanket of some sort. All of that resulted in dark circles and a headache in the morning. Sigh.

I am not even sure why I had any of the nightmares. The day itself had gone quite fact I had even gone to see this play (I think it was called The Complete Wrks of Willm Shkspr, abridged at the Sri Ram Centre and I have to say that if anything, those guys in the play made me much that by the time I walked out of the auditorium, my jaw hurt). I guess dreams are affected my things other than how your day went...maybe the posture one adapts when one sleeps...who knows?

Anyways, so despite the headache, I stormed off to INA market today to shop. Why? Because I decided that I want to make fetuccini today and I needed ingredients. And while I'm on that topic, I think it's amazing how I end up buying stuff equal to my weight every time I go grocery shopping.

Uh oh. Gotta go now.

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