October air :)

12:34 am

I love October night's air in Delhi. It's beautiful.

Those two sentences sound plain and stupid but I mean them. Delhi has, according to me, very harsh weather...it's either too hot or too cold and every once in while when it does rain, the roads get all clogged. But I still love this city more than any other place on earth. I've seen many scenic beauties and all...but home is where the heart and Delhi is where it is.

I sound so mushy.  ^^

Anyway, I haven't been stepping out much these days (except for today when I decided to eat my weight out in food at Big Chill) and that's turned me lazy. So last night when my mom literally threw me out of the house and told me to go out for a stroll and "get some fresh air", I scowled. But she insisted, and I went. And it was good.

The cool, pleasant October air was crisp, the neighbourhood roads were well-lit and it seemed every one who lives in my neighbourhood was out for a walk (it was around 7pm). And that's when it struck me how much I really love this place and if ever I had to move away from here, I'd not take it so well.

A good walk in a nice weather can jog odd assortment of memories, not always a good thing, but not always bad either. I remembered, as I strolled at my own pace, another October evening, much like this one from three years ago. I remember coming back from class and taking a while off, sitting at the parking lot of my college, talking to friends. I remember feeling the time was magical. And I swear, whatever else I might have thought of back then, I didn't think three years later was going to turn out one bit like it has in reality.... (I was still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts).

I'll go reminiscent some more now. :)

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