Why I don't like being wished on Women's Day.

10:45 am

Despite what I had mentioned in my earlier post, I did not get around to doing any of the stuff---writing another post, watching anything on my laptop or hunting for food last night. So I'll just go about it right now. It was something called "Women's Day" yesterday and people insisted on wishing me. I don't like this stupid concept... it seems derogatory for women, somehow. To me, it seems like the world is screaming that women are small little things who please the other (The Men) and fine, let's give them one freaking day to make them happy and let them shut up the rest of the year. 


Why should there even be a Women's Day? What about Men's Day? Do men not work a lot? Do they have no problems? Do they not struggle? No. They do, everyone does. That's the point... we all have f***'ed up issues in life and we all deserve equal credit. The point is not about getting one lousy day to make you feel wanted and all. The deal is not pity. The point is equality.

Or are you saying that 8th March is Women's Day and the rest of the year is Men's Day all around? Because that's not very liberating for women. See, I'm a feminist and I am all for gender equality (and yes, I accept the physical difference between men and women) BUT that's the thing... gender equality. Not one gender telling us that we are "special". We know we are special, thank you very much, as are you! None of us are very special-er, you know. 

I would feel way nicer if women were respected for what they are and seen as equals throughout the year.

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