1:49 pm

Initially I was going to write a post about a film, which will follow shortly, don't worry. But the recent turn of events have made it such that I cannot concentrate enough to write impassively about anything. For I am annoyed beyond anything. And it is taking great self control not to getting up, shoot scalding, stinging words from my mouth, throw things at someone and, finally, walk out.

My space has been taken away. My room, the one place on earth where I can sit peacefully with myself and my thoughts and stare into nothingness. I am being ridiculed and forced to blabber and blabber like an idiot whilst I listen to others' blabbering. I don't mind blabbering usually but I need the me-time. And I won't mind if you're there if you just shut the hell up and let me be for like fifteen minutes! I fight my tears as I write all this down...stupid tear glands.

Virginia Woolf was correct about having a room of one's own but I also hold dear to what Alice Walker said about having a lock and key to put on one's own room.

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