June so far...

12:41 pm

Has not been too bad. Quite nice even. As you can all see from my header cover, and my previous post, the agenda for this month has been food. I've been eating like there's no tomorrow and now I shudder to go anywhere near the weighing scales.

Other than that, a lot of TV shows are being watched. I am presently hooked to Game of Thrones. My friend said something about this show which I found so true that I'm repeating it here. She said, "whenever you're upset or tired or irritated or something, you should watch the Game of Thrones because, well, it makes you realise that no matter what, at least your life isn't nearly half as fucked up as theirs." Word. GoT does put your life in a perspective. But it is so damn addictive. Apart from that, it's mainly been Korean dramas. Oh, which reminds me, a million reviews pending, waiting to be written and blogged about! Also, this month, twice I have had to endure the stupidity that is YJHD. I am shocked that people liked this film. Honest.

I'm hungry and will go hunt for food now. Bye!

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