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9:43 pm

I'm a free bird! Okay, free-sih. Whatever. Better than what I was in May. Actually, May wasn't all that bad as I make it out to be, despite everything else. The last one week in particular was amazing to extent of making me giddy. And I'm hardly ever giddy. These last few days I've been indulging myself in food. So much food. And I don't even care that I'm expanding like the universe. Of the many, many, many things I ate are these:
Chillies is one of the happiest places for me! ^^
Sometimes I pretend to eat healthy!

I know what Popeye would eat if he ever considered Korean food.
Sweet tooth cravings unleashed (every once in a while).

Some amazing Korean food I had.

Dak Galbi

And even more Korean food.
The point being I ate a lot...far more than I bothered to click. ^^

But the best thing I ate has to be a burnt Maggi I had this Saturday. You'd think it sucked and would want to make every inch of you revolt, but it was far from it. I loved it! And that burnt Maggi made me happier than any amount of waffles and maple syrup do on a Sunday morning, say. True story.

Apart from that, I've begun watching the Korean dramas and reviews will follow shortly. Also, I cannot wait for the new Lee Min Ho show! So much excitement!

This is pretty much all that I can think of right now. See you soon.

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