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This post is dedicated specially to one of dearest friend in all the world. Recently, she was in a terrible accident and that caused her to temporarily forget some things. I was chatting with her yesterday and she was sad that she doesn't remember the quirky, crazy and amazingly fun/scandalous details about her wedding (two years ago). Well, I was there. And if it makes her at all happy, and puts her mind to peace even for a few minutes, she can have all my memories of her special day. I wish I could do the Harry Potter thing, take my memory out in a silver thread like thing and parcel it to her. But I am not a wizard, so I'll just write it all down here.

Revs, this is for you:

I was still in law school when you told me you were getting married "soon", so that must be in about 2009. You told me about him and then I was all like "aww, you trust me!" and you did the slightly sarcastic and adorable thing that you do and said, "woman, I am telling you about him before my rokka. Of course I trust you! You think!!" Hehehe. A few weeks later, we saw a picture of your rokka on Facebook.

Fast forward to September. My parents couldn't go, because my brother has his boards-related-exams. Blah Blah. But it was your wedding so I had to go! And I did. I missed your sangeet because the four hour drive from Delhi to Chandigarh took so long, but I was there for mehendi. I remember you calling me throughout the sangeet to navigate my position. Hehe. I remember me hugging you when I saw you and you ordering me to eat (which I didn't because my hands were henna'd by then).

Oh and there was also something called "Lovely Orange Soda". Can't really talk about it here.

I am skipping back and forth. But I do remember you telling me about one of your pre-wedding functions, and how your lehenga was a little lose, and how you had to wear a garter. You didn't know why everyone was fussing over a bride-to-be's lose lehenga (in public, mind... you are SO chilled out!) insisting that "everyone goes through this at some point", and when the salon woman tries to fix it with a garter, showing the ugly straps through your pretty blouse, you had said: "Excuse me, but kya aap pagal ho? Yeh aise pehenugi main?!?!" Hahahahahaha.

The night before your wedding, you suddenly had cold feet and (half) jokingly said, "I don't think I'm all that ready to marry tomorrow. Maybe the day-after? I'll think about it." Then we took one of those walks near your place, like we had done so many years ago in our childhood. Oh my God, I actually have tears welling up in my eyes as I remember all this! I told you that I was telling my mom how I would recognise your house (the smart person that I am, I didn't note down your exact address) and how she had said that your house would be the one that'd be lit up like it's Diwali. You had laughed, Revs, and had talked about how my mom is cool because according to you, "wives of IITians are cool". Self praise? Heee.

You showed me your mehendi. You told me that your husband's name was written on your wrist somewhere, where it'd be covered by all the chuddas and you had laughed saying that he won't be able to find his name beneath them. You then showed me your engagement ring and drew your hubby's ring on a tissue paper and told me how you had designed it yourself. So sweet.

Then you told me to turn up the next morning, your wedding day, for haldi. It was Ganesh Chaturthi and my dad went to a temple back in Delhi and prayed for your happy married life, I remember. It was your mom's birthday. I remember the haldi, how I had also taken a go at applying some on you. Then were the kaleerein. Woman, you ONLY dropped those things on my head (and I still remain unmarried, how!? Hahahaha) and I still suspect you kindaaa did that on purpose! But yes, they only fell on me. And you laughed.

The night of the wedding. It was raining. I went to the room where you were, all nervous and incredibly pretty. I was one of the people who were with you as you walked to the stage where your hubby was waiting for you. It was such a beautiful scene, the minute you went up there and stood next to him, in the midst of all that crowd surrounding you two, I could see him mouth the words, "You look beautiful". I remember smiling at that.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful time. Don't worry if you can't remember it. I know you will eventually. And you get to be the new bride twice!

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