Cold January

12:54 pm

Cold isn't exactly a bad thing, not if you live in India and shudder at the thought of summers like I do. Winters, I've observed, is idealized in most parts of this country, except where it really does come. Like New Delhi. New Years Eve was super cold and super windy and my only thought was that I was glad that it hadn't rained yet. I don't if it's just me, or actually the weather or the fact that I've suddenly bumped into a lot of people who are from warmer climates (and get virtually no winters at all) but I am feeling the chill a lot more than I usually do this season. It's not just me. I had a cousin visit us on Christmas Day down from London when she declared, "Delhi is as cold as London, but without the central heating!". By 31st Dec, I was convinced that we have advanced to Moscow weather but without the central heating.

Since then, it's only gone worse. According to news channels, this is the coldest winter in Delhi in about 44 years and the average temperatures have reportedly dropped to 1.9 degrees! If you're in one of those countries where the temperatures goes in negative every year around this time and you're laughing, remember this: we do not have central heating. Also, we don't seem to have much of a concept of covering ourselves up like silly to protect ourselves from that wind and chill. A few days ago, I seriously debated wearing my overcoat outside (it is unbearable, the cold!) and decided against it because I can't sit in class and take notes with the damn overcoat on, but then again, they don't have the "concept" of hanging coats anywhere so it'll just be a lump lying on my lap the whole time and the room in itself will be so cold that I might freeze without the overcoat on. Decisions, decisions.

Also, apparently it's "cool" to wear next to nothing in winters over here. I shiver just looking at them. I don't want to be harsh to any of them, because some of them are my friends and are nice people. But honestly, enjoying winters is one thing and being plain stupid and not wearing a jacket/pullover/anything is, well, plain stupid. I worry for such.

So anyways, yeah 2013 began with all of us shivering. 2012 ended with a lot of introspection, for almost all of us. Almost. I am glad that 2013 is here even though barely a week into the new year and I am down with the worst about of viral fever ever.  The mercury reading refuses to go down and I've been in bed for four days now. The only thing that I am able to do without losing patience is watch K-dramas (yeah, review time coming up soon...but I've to finish my years' worth of k-drama backlog first), reading up people's blogs and sleeping.

Like I said, I have better hopes for 2013. Why? No real reason. It's just that despite it being this chilly and all, it began with me meeting new people, with me clearing my head a little, with my room getting a new look and with me hoping.

And also, everything around me so pretty! :D

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