My Best of 2012: TV

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As 2012 ends in a few hours’ time, I want to look fondly at some of the nicest TV shows I’ve watched this year. And there have been quite a few of those. Out of the ones I name, most were released in 2012 but some were released before and I only got around to watching them this year and the reason why I’m even including them here is because I loved them so much.

They’re in different languages, from different countries and different genres but in watching them, I have found solace, happiness and a much needed escape to a world that I almost wish I was in. Well, nearly all of them.

So here they are, my fav watches, Television, (even though I watched more than half of them on my laptop instead of the TV) in 2012 in the order of preference:

1. Sherlock

 Language: English
 Country: UK

      I was unaware of Sherlock's existence till this year. Season 1 came out in 2011 January I think but I got around to seeing both Season 1 and 2 only this year ( And... definitely the best thing I've watched this year. Benedict Cumberbatch is a GREAT Sherlock Holmes. Martin Free is a great Dr. Watson. And Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are geniuses. And even though Benedict Cumberbatch's acting, voice and cheekbones are a pleasure, the award for pure genius goes to Andrew Scott as James Moriarty. Pure evil, he chills your blood. Believe me when I see that one of the things I am most looking forward to in 2013 is to see how Sherlock did know, not do that thing he apparently had done.
      2.  Faith/The Great Doctor/
     Language: Korean
      Country: South Korea

      If any other show managed to occupy my thoughts this year as much as Sherlock did, it has got to be . This show is called Faith and also The Great Doctor in English. It was aired (and finished) in 2012 with a total of 16 beautiful episodes each. I began watching this series side by side as it was released in South Korea guess it right: Lee Min Ho! Sigh. Who would've thought that a Goryeo warrior with long hair who doesn't even blink while slaying people would be this hot! Oh, Lee Min Ho, you so dreamy!!

    is a sort of a mix between fantasy, historical drama and romance. As if having Lee Min Ho having in the lead was not enough reason for me to get hooked to this show, this has elements of fantasy and the first episode begins with a little animation sequence.

   3. Personal Taste/Personal Preference/GaeIn’s Taste/개인의 취향
     Language: Korean
     Country: South Korea
      This is a 2010 series but I only got around to watching it this year in August. So glad that I did. Personal Taste has got two of my favourite actors—Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin—in the lead and that is why I had wanted to watch it. Lee Min Ho, as always, steals my heart away. Even when he’s pretending to be gay like he is in this show. Son Ye Jin is a kind and naïve girl with almost no self-respect and self-confidence who gets dumped by her rich boyfriend and cheated on by her best friend. Lee Min Ho’s character is a hot (duh) budding architect who puts two things before himself: his mom and his work. He gets into Son Ye Jin’s house as a roommate so that he can steal her house’s blueprints for a work project and she lets him in thinking he’s gay. All’s well until they fall in love. Aww. Kind of like Dostana (that had John Abraham and this has Lee Min Ho, so yay) but better. Or at least I thought that. I loved the casting (duh) and was expecially impressed by the character of Do Bin (played by Ryoo Seung Ryong). The music is beautiful, and this show managed to get me hooked.

    4.  Modern Family, Season 4
     Language: English
     Country: USA
      Because very few shows can beat Modern Family into making you roll with laughter. So far I’ve liked season 4 better than season 3. I love this show! When I’m upset, all I’ve to do is watch some of this and I’m good to go. This season is the same as ever—Cameron is, well, Cam. Gloria is loud. Jay is the “tough guy”. Mitch is the eye rolling lawyer. Phil is still giving his Phils-osophy. Claire is still managing her family. And what I really love about this show is that the kids of the family aren’t just there for fitting the frame. They have individual traits and characters. Yay, Modern Family, one of the funniest shows ever.
     5.     Full House (풀하우)
     Language: Korean
      Country: South Korea
      This show (not to be confused with the much loved American series Full House) was telecasted for the first time in the year 2004. But despite its immense popularity all over the world, I only got around to seeing it this year, and then I promptly fell in love with it. Which is why it is being mentioned by me here. Clearly I am a fan of romantic comedies which is what this show is. The story isn’t as great as the acting, script, cast and direction is. I love the way a seeming less ordinary story is dealt with into making it into a show that is loved by so many people across the globe for this many years. This show has Bi Rain, which in itself should be enough reason for people to want to watch it. 
     6. Devon Ke Dev—Mahadev 

      Language: Hindi
      Country: India
      Well, finally something that doesn’t have scheming moms-in-law, naïve daughters-in-laws, poisonous other women. This is show is based on the story and legends surrounding the Hindu God, Shiva (which is a refresher in itself because as far as I know, there hasn’t been any mythological/religious show made on Shiva as the protagonist). Mohit Raina plays Lord Shiva and plays him very well. Over all the casting is good as is the way this show is approached direction wise. Also, the make-up done in this show is brilliant (and here I would like to specially mention the episodes with Shiva & Parvati’s wedding and the one with Maa Kali) which is really crucial to a show like this. However, if I had to point anything that I’m not that happy with this show about, it would be these two things: first, this show almost goes in waves—while most of the episodes are nice to watch, sometimes they just linger (and linger!) and you could easily miss two-three episodes without missing the main point. I admit that I don’t even watch it all that regularly precisely for this reason. Second, I am not happy with this show’s animation quality. I understand that they do not want to use actual animals and stuff… but in the year 2012, what with the advancement of technology, using such a crude form of animation for such a popular show just doesn’t bode well. I was very impressed with the animation used in the South Korean drama Faith and wish that Mahadev could also utilise something of that calibre. Eg. In scenes where people are on a sea beach or a river bank, the place looks obviously computerised and so on. But these things apart, good show.      

    7. Playful Kiss/장난스런 /Naughty Kiss/Mischievous Kiss
     Language: Korean
     Country: South Korea
     Yes, another Korean show. Clearly, I watch too many of them. Watch and love them. First telecasted in 2010, I watched this show this year. Initially, I admit that I wasn’t exactly hooked while watching it but this by no means that this show is boring or anything. I mean, I still loved watching it and fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong all over again. Of course, as the series goes on, I did get hooked and even after completing the series and the special edition, I wanted more. Maurrrr.  The girl, Jung So Min, is a brilliant actor, with her million hairdos and billion facial expressions. Kim Hyun Joong has improved a lot as an actor since his BOF days (speaking of which, finally I could appreciate him fully now that he’s playing lead in a show that does not involve Lee Min Ho. Also, the not-blond look helps.) Playful Kiss is a cute show and it almost made me want to get married! Almost. To Baek Seung Jo.  

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