Attempts at recreation and (window) shopping.

9:02 pm

I've been so busy doing all things boring and dull. Yawn. Some weeks back was the annual India International Trade Fair which recently got over. Its a "thing" in Delhi, going to the Trade Fair. My mom observed that the Trade Fair happens every single year and yet what seems like half the city (which really is a LOT) throngs to go see it even though they won't be really buying anything (this, funnily enough she said while we were strolling aimlessly there ourselves). Its true though. I, myself, go to the Trade Fair every year.

This year I was too busy in the mundane-ness of everyday life and I went there just one day for a few hours. Which I didn't really mind because I pretty much knew that there was no way I had enough stamina to walk around the entire Prgati Maidan and check out each and every pavilion and hall.

Trade Fair is so pretty! I mean, the stuff they sell is so pretty! I feel like Niffler (Harry Potter terminology) because I get so hyper every time I see something glitter over there. I saw such beautiful things there and it almost made wanna spend every bit of penny I had and buy, well, everything! You don't believe me? Look for yourself.


And then, because I am me, and I always think about food (almost always), I somehow ignored all these beauties and promptly went and bought--
Garlic achaar.
It is true!!

Like I said before, I didn't have the strength, stamina or time to roam around and see the entire fair. But I did visit the International pavilion. And I am glad that I did. The Thai pavilions are always a hit at the Trade Fair but for next year (and every successive year), I also recommend the South African pavilions. They have some of the most gorgeous little things! I bought a very pretty book mark.

I just wish I had more time to buy more of such cute stuff. There's still  next year's fair though.

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