For crying out loud, rapes are NOT okay.

7:23 pm

What a month this is proving to be. Shootings at elementary school in one part of the world and over here at home, a woman gets raped and then dumped on the roadside in a critical condition. This makes me feel sick in my stomach. So maybe the world is ending, just not in the way we thought it would. And while I agree that one must be cautious and all that, come on, in today's day and age, you cannot be expecting women to sit inside their homes and do nothing in order to stay "safe". Do NOT tell me that women get raped because they step out of their houses. They get raped because the rapists step out of their houses.

In the light of that, someone on my Facebook list posted this picture which, sad as it is, I wanted to share over here.

And while this picture might be funny to a lot of people or people might snort at it and say, "yes, well, people are stupid to say all those thing, people do actually think stuff like that about women", there is an overwhelming number of people who think the solution to avoid rapes is to keep women shut in the houses (which doesn't make sense especially in the light of the whole domestic rape scene). I think the most sad part of a rape case (obviously apart from the fact that such a deed is done in the first place and a person's dignity and personal space is not recognised or respected) is that this is perhaps the only crime where the victim is blamed. This girl in my class told me how she overheard some middle-aged women talk about the gruesome rape case in question and their point of view was shockingly this: "Oh, but you know, she was going out at night and that also with her boyfriend!" I don't understand why having a boyfriend is still supposed to be a scandalous thing as per a lot of people in this age and in a country that brings forth an enormous number of romantic films. That being said, I also don't understand why the girl was being blamed. Are these women (yes, funnily enough, they were women) implying that it is not okay for women to roam around post sundown with or without a male companion, but it is fine for rapists to do so? Because then why not say something like, "oh, how are people like them roaming free?".

This whole blaming the woman because "she was asking for it" (according to a lot of people, the woman is always asking for it: she either smiles, or is wearing those kind of clothes, or that make-up, or has that body language and so on) is quite popular. Sure, many won't admit it to be politically correct these days but so many think this deep down. It is shameful. And respecting--truly respecting--women and not seeing them as sex-objects (or any object for that matter) should be taught to every kid. This attitude is being ridiculed openly these days and high time too. Here is a strip from Cyanide and Happiness that talks about it:

Sad, but true. That is the twisted logic many people give to justify any act of crime against women.

Anyways, so now the whole country is alive with protests. The parliament is alive with debates. Many are demanding a law that hangs rapists (many are also demanding the punishment for rapists to be castration and tempting as that is, I go with the hanging).

This is not an isolated incident. We cannot just go on living in fear every second. This is not freedom. In this view, I have gotten texts and all which reads:
If you're in Delhi on Saturday,the 22nd of December,come join us to protest the increasing crimes against women in the capital. At India Gate,9 am onwards. Share and spread!!
I am going to go. Please come if you want a safer place as well. 


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