Four and Twenty.

7:13 pm

My birthday finally came and went. Unlike every time else (in the past, obviously), I was not sad to be turning a year older. I was all like, if you can't beat them... So yes, I did not shed tears over what all I haven't achieved by the age of 24 years ('cause, honestly, that'd be a long list) and figured life is long enough to achieve them anytime and short enough to not waste my time worrying about something that can't be helped. I hope being 24 will bring good times in my life. I also hope that just because I am 24 years old now (and thus, "marriageable age" according to Indian society's standards), people will not pester me about my wedding plans... Say what you want, 24 is too young, for me anyways.

The party itself was nice. If you can call it a "party", which my friends insist on doing. So, yes. Party it is then. The best of all was my cake. My best friend (and certainly now she will remain my best friend!) got me a customised cake.. and it was... Oh, hell... I will just show it you. Here:

I know, right!


It has a pic of Lee Min Ho on it! *jumps up and down hyperactively*

So all those "hints" about me being a HUGE fan of Lee Min Ho was received by somebody then. So I shall now explain every part of my cake... because I liked it that much!

The book that you guys see in the picture is that of one of my most favorite books ever-- Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell. By putting this on my cake, my friend wanted to show how much I love this book and books in general and how much I enjoy reading.
I am so happy that the cover of the book on the cake is the exact same one that's on my copy of Gone With The Wind. Talk about personal touches.

The one with Lee Min Ho's photograph is supposed to be my laptop. In the picture, you can see the keyboards.
This laptop is white because I've got a white Macintosh. And yes, the baker (who is my junior from college), also drew this at the back of the laptop:

This laptop has a picture of Lee Min Ho because, well, he is Lee Min Ho and for anyone who has not noticed, I'm a huge fan! Huge. This is supposed to be showing how I watch Lee Min Ho's shows (and interviews etc) on my laptop.

The cup is made to be a Costa Coffee cup with coffee in it. Self explanatory. *wink*

In the end are the words "Happy Birthday to" with my name all written in Korean. Awwwwww... They googled all that for my sake!

So yeah, they basically captured what I loved on that cake.

For my birthday, we went to a place in Khan Market and "partied" which translates into eating a lot, swapping the most ridiculous stories and all that. Best Birthday Ever. :D

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