My best watches in 2012-- Films

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It's finally here, the end of this year! I don't have anything in particular to look forward to in 2013 but I am glad that one more year has gone by. Not that 2012 was a bad year, it just wasn't that great. So here's praying for a better year for everyone.
I am not such a great movie go-er. Going out to watch a film is too much of a task after a long tiring day. I much prefer watching films in the comfort of my room. For this reason, my list of my best of 2012: Films is going to be one short list. Microscopic, really. But here goes in the order of preference:

1.English Vinglish 
Language: Hindi
Country: India

Because, who did not like this film? And how? It is such an adorable film! Sridevi is brilliant and so is the rest of the cast. This film even has an actual story! That in itself was gripping enough. And then the witty dialogues. For those who have not yet seen this movie (shame on you!), this is a story of an Indian woman, married with two kids who is very sweet and all, very talented, liberal minded etc but is always poked fun at by her family (especially her hubby and daughter) and isn't given as much respect as she deserves because her English isn't that good (which we all know is considered synonymous to being "backwards" and "country bumpkin" in present day urban India). Then she goes to the USA to help her sister (who lives there) prepare for an upcoming wedding in the family. While there, she takes English lessons (much like the sitcom Mind Your Language) with an assortment of classmates (Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, somebody from Africa whose country isn't mentioned, French and a gay American teacher) and gains confidence and an amazing set of friends. And she meets a French guy. And she learns English.

What I loved about this film, apart from the fact that this has a story and people are actually acting in it, was that it isn't cheap, doesn't have an double meaning jokes and you can watch it with anyone! And it's funny. Plus, it is one of those films that leave you very warm in inside.

2. Kahaani


Language: Hindi
Country: India

Oh, definitely one of the most talked about Indian films this year. And for all the right reasons. I won't be going much into the plot details of this film because it is after all a suspense thriller and just in case, someone reading this post hasn't watched this film yet (I'd be really surprised though). Vidya Balan's acting is spot on but then, so is everyone's who has been casted in this film. I know people who have been critical of this film but when I heard them out, I realised that they were just splitting hair because people cannot digest that Indian film industry can make suspense thrillers and make them well.

3. Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi 
 Language: Hindi
Country: India

 Such a sweet love story!! And no "item number" also. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Farah Khan can act. My only complaint is that Boman Irani obviously looks older than the 45-year-old he's playing in this film. This film tells a sweet love story between Farhad, a 45 year old bachelor who lives with his (rather dominating) mom and is a, in his own words, "a bra and panties salesman" and Shirin, a 30 something unmarried girl (which makes her an old maid according to society's rules!).

4. The Amazing Spiderman

Language: English
Country: USA

Say what you like, but I really liked this film. Like, really. Also, surprisingly, Andrew Garfield makes a good Spiderman. When I cam out of the theater after having watched this film, I heard a lot of people complain that this was "just a repetition of the first film". It is not. I think those people assumed that this film is a sequel/prequel of the trilogy that had Toby Macguire as Spider-man, which is weird considering the entire cast is different. In fact this version doesn't even have a Mary Jane Watson and good riddance. I never had a problem with Kristen Dunst, it is just the character of MJ that I never liked. I do, however, like the female lead in this female, a Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone. For starters, I think that Gwen is in love with Peter Parker, rather than in love with the whole Spiderman persona (which was kind of the case with MJ).

In this film, Peter Parker is every bit your every day teenager (except that he is Spider-man) and just 'cause he is bitten by a special spider, does not magically make him more responsible or mature. That bit comes to him the way it does to everybody else--by everyday experiences. I loved the scene in the end where he comes home to his aunt (played by Sally Field), after a trying day does his daily chores.

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