First Sunday This December

8:01 pm

This Sunday that was, was the funnest Sunday I had in the longest time. Off late, I've been so busy (don't even ask, it is boring and tiring and I want to repress all memories of it for every bit of my free time) and the only time I get off is on Sundays. Which wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't always have a million things to do on the one day of freedom (aka sleeping, writing, studying, writing, buying the essentials such as groceries, personal care stuff, writing and so on). I spend And because it's getting colder by the minute here and we've taken out the heaters, and because my blanket is a very warm place to be in, I spend the free times on Sundays sleeping.

This Sunday, however, I decided what the young 'uns call "getting a life", met up a friend (who is also my namesake) after months and off we went to one of my favorit-est (should be a word, that should) in Delhi--- Hauz Khas Village.So many reasons to be in love with that place. I'm telling you, if Hauz Khas Village was a person, I'd hug him/her. I love going there...I love the beautiful little restaurants (half of which I can't afford on most days), and the tiny streets and even random graffiti:

And then while on the quest to a hidden restaurant called Leaky Cauldron (a bit of a disappointment just 'cause it wasn't in the Diagon Alley), we saw, got (a) scared and then (b) supremely fascinated with:
And then I shopped my heart out. All in all, a Sunday well spent. :)

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