Movies on mind: À la folie... pas du tout

10:18 am

Language: French
Genre: Thriller, Mystery

There is a very interesting French film that managed to make an impression on my mind. I saw this film a few years ago (with English subtitles) at a time where I was surrounded by movies being made on the various mysteries and ailments of the human mind (Taare Zameen Par, Kartik Calling Kartik, My Name Is Khan and so on) but this one was the most fascinating (ailments wise) of all.

The film is called À la folie... pas du tout, and is called He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not in English. It has Audrey Tautou as the lead. And as always, she does a brilliant job! This film is about a psychological disorder called erotomania and begins with Tautou's character, Angélique, sending out a bouquet of flowers to her secret-and-married boyfriend, Loïc, who is a doctor. Angélique is a student-painter, very talented and very much in love with Loïc despite the fact that he is married and cannot be with her openly in the public. So we go through this entire song and dance for about half the film about their secret affair, about how Angélique tries to cope up with Rachel's (Loïc's wife) pregnancy, Rachel's eventual miscarriage and so on. Till we reach the second half.

The second of the of the film is from Loïc's perspective (unlike the first half which was from Angélique's) and we realise that Loïc is very much in love with his wife, is devastated when she has a miscarriage and doesn't even know Angélique that well, forget having an affair. They know each other only slightly, being temporary neighbours and  the whole "affair" was just a figment of Angélique's erotomania inspired imagination.

I was totally taken in my this film because having had watched Hors de prix and Amélie (and even The Da Vinci Code for that matter) before this, seeing Audrey Tautou in a part like this was a whole And I like unreliable narrators to an extent, because, oh well, I don't know. They are fun. I won't write the entire detailed story line of this film but please try watching this.
My ratings for À la folie... pas du tout: 8/10

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